Evening All, in the last few weeks we have been beavering away and getting ourselves a little more organised with a little more help.

The main change is the registrar who is now Wayne Stobbs from Portsmouth MYC. Wayne takes over from Tim Long and this change should free up Tim to do a little more website work. It should also speed up the registration process as Wayne seems to be well organised and he will be looking after the DF65, RG65 and DF95 registrations for the UK.


Wayne enjoys fishing in his spare time, it seems he’s quite good!

We are also recruiting some area race co-ordinators who can help us to promote the classes in the North, Midlands and South, we’ll keep you posted as things happen.

There will be another change coming in the next week or two which will be our web address which will become This domain is working currently alongside the current domain and will continue to do so for some time until I remember to switch it off!

Next event that we know of is Fleetwood DF65 on the 17th September.


Furzton Lake weekend results.

Last Friday saw more than a dozen DF95’s pitch up at Furzton Lake for some great racing, well, provided you hadn’t locked yourself out of your car of course…..

Geoff Raygarda has written this short report and there is a PDF results sheet too.

With an azure blue sky, unbroken sunshine, a warm, strong, tricky westerly breeze, what has Rio got that Milton keynes doesn’t?

OK we didn’t have a difficult tide to contend with or the distractions of Copacabana beach, of course, but Furzton Lake was a very pleasant place to be this afternoon.

A great turnout of nine Two Islands skippers with boats and another four or so watching or trying out boats along with five visitors made for some very exciting racing.

We started by meeting up at the Old Beams for a spot of lunch and a drink at mid day, then on to the lake for the afternoon.

Since the buoys had been re positioned for Sunday’s RG65 open to suit the predicted westerly wind, which we had today, we sailed an upwind/downwind course with two sausage laps.

Mike Stevens and John Simmonds kindly offered to man the starting lady and count them in over the finishing line, which made life so much easier.

The rescue launch had a couple of outings when one boat landed on the island and another hooked a buoy rope but apart from a couple of contacts and turns there were no major incidents and everybody did their turns without any asking.

The wind certainly proved challenging, being just between A and B rigs, with a few competitors changing rigs but eventually most of the fleet settled on being slightly overpowered at times on the bigger rig. True to form for Two Islands  the wind had more twists than politician and holes than a Swiss cheese, which made for a few exasperated expressions.

John Tushingham brought prototype number 2, the aptly named ” The Darkside”, with it’s all black hull and black sails, which he lent to Mike Clifton who was always at or near the front to finish second overall, just behind John Tushingham., not far behind was Wayne Stobbs, myself and Keith Coxon.

Keith Bell was struggling with a sail winch that would not hold it’s position, which hampered him no end so he was not able to challenge up at the front.

I have to confess to not being quite sure what was going on in the fleet as I was concentrating so hard on keeping the boat going in a straight line without taking anybody out,

There were a fair few retirements and early baths, possibly due in part to the wind strength but most skippers seemed to manage the conditions well with some very exciting hair raising down wind runs and only the very occasional nose dive.

All in all a fun day with great company, thanks in no small part to those who had travelled a day early for tomorrows RG65 open, to make today such a great success.

Geoff Raygada

Results sheet, guess who got locked out of his car……answers on a postcard please! dragonflite regatta 12th Aug 16 Race Sheet

The following day, Saturday, saw Round 6 of the RG65 travellers series where 22 RG’s and DF’s lined up to race in one fleet, there is a report on the RG65 website

Sue Brown was on hand with her photographic skills once again and you can check out her photos here.

A bit of a push and a correction

So a couple of weeks back we mentioned a couple of events that are happening on the 21st August. The first is the Eastbourne event at Princes Park, details on the events page or the Eastbourne MYC website. If you are planning to attend please let the club know, it really helps the organisation of the day.

The other event at Askern was arranged in error, there will be no DF95 sailing however if you have an IOM then please take that along for a sail instead.

If you fancy some racing this weekend there is sure to be lots of club racing happening around the country, with an RG 65 travellers event at Two Islands MYC in Milton Keynes on Saturday with DF65’s very welcome. There will be some DF95 racing happening on the Friday afternoon as well should you wish to join in. Location details on the Two Islands website

There’s another one!

Another August event for you, this time a week before the other two and in a more central location at Two Islands RYC in Milton Keynes. The event is round 6 of the RG65 Travellers Trophy and as usual DF65 skippers are more than welcome to attend. Full details of the event and how to enter are available on the Events page.

A couple of August events for you.

So we’ve all recovered from the Nationals and we have heard that there is a lot of competitive club racing going on around the country which is great to hear.

Last weekend saw the latest stop on the DF65 ND Summer Series at Birkenhead which saw light conditions make the going tough for the DF65’s amongst the thoroughbred RG65’s. Dave Darwell took the DF65 win from local skipper Roger Lincoln and John Bush. Full report and results sheet here.

We’ve had some communication from two clubs, Eastbourne and Balne Moor which are holding events on the same day in August.  The Eastbourne club are holding their annual DF65 open event on the 21st August at the Princes Park lake. Full Notice of Race is available on the events page.

The Balne Moor club are holding a DF95 event at Askern Lake on the same day which will be their first DF95 open event. The lakeside café will be putting on the famous meal deal which is well worth it! Full Notice of Race is also available on the events page.

So whether you are down South or ooop North on the 21st August there is a DF Racing event for you to get involved in.

DF65 Nationals – Report and Results

Well the van is unpacked, rigs washed down, boat washed, pesky rudder servo replaced and whilst I’ve been faffing around with that t’other Tim (who did rather well at the weekend) has written a report and posted up the results.

There is no point in me trying to remember what happened but suffice to say it was a really great weekend with 39 boats turning up. That’s 10 more than last year and a good few more than the years before. The class is growing into a really nice, friendly and social group where the racing is close all the way from the top of A fleet to the lower order of C fleet. Everyone went home with a smile, even Buzz…

Massive thanks to all the competitors for pitching up to sail and even more thanks to the amazing team at Fleetwood who kept us all in check on the racecourse and fed and watered in the clubhouse. Many thanks to you all.

I’ll not spoil it for you but Tushy won it, but then you already knew that I guess…..

Checkout the report and pictures on the Fleetwood website by clicking here.

Chop Chop, get your entries in!

Dear DF Skipper,

I’ve written to you guys a couple of times over the last few months suggesting that you should enter Dragonfest and we’ve sent you a mail about what IRSA are trying to do to the RG65 class without asking the class first. Tonights mail is about the upcoming DF65 Nationals which is inbound next weekend at the fantastic Fleetwood club in the North West of the country.

The entry currently stands at 38 skippers who are coming to take in the great sea air at Fleetwood, the great Friday practice and talk by John Tushingham and the sensational racing that will take place as well as the excellent social that those canny chaps at the Fleetwood club have arranged for our pleasure.

Now the sea air, the practice, talks and racing are almost a given at this sort of event but the social can sometimes be a bit dis jointed with people staying distances away from the venue, however El Presidente, Sir Derek of Priestleyshire has organised two nights of amusement for us, just yards from the club and within spitting distance of the popular New Boston Lodge hotel, where rooms are cheap and plentiful and still available.

Friday will consist of a debrief at The Mount pub (next door to the New Boston) probably with a little bit of food for those hungry bunnies amongst us, some wine and ale and many stories of the Fleetwood club, vane sailing and radio sailing regaled by some of the sport’s elder statesmen, all of them well worth hearing.

Saturday evening will consist of the end of sailing, a super quick change and back to the Club for some more comedy team racing with the “Not the 24 hour race” where the teams will race round the pond as many times as they can in one hour. This will be followed by an excellent meal at the club, probably some wine and ale followed by a class specific quiz for everyone to enjoy before a return to The Mount for the day’s debrief and some more tales of model yachting past and present.

The racing will be great, two, perhaps three fleets, great breeze straight down the lake, trust me, it’ll be great.

So why haven’t you entered, you’ll be good enough to compete, we all got involved at some point and trust me you’ll have a ball!

Check out the details on the Fleetwood club website.